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Read the stories of our 2013 top paper prize winners.

Sarah Caine – studied the ABE Diploma in Business Management at Stamford College, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

I have always studied hard and was very disappointed when my A Level grades did not reflect the amount of work that I had put in. I had always dreamt of going to University and I began to see that dream crashing down around me as I knew that my grades were not good enough to get me the place that I wanted. My father worked in Malaysia and suggested that I travel over there and take a gap year travelling and some time out to think about what I wanted to do.

When I got to Malaysia I came across an advert for a local college that ran the ABE Diploma in Business Management. I felt that I had nothing to lose, so I applied and was accepted for a place on the course. Originally I was just going to do this course so that I could stay in Malaysia for a while. I had no interest or intention of studying business at University. BUT, within a couple of weeks I was hooked! The syllabus was really interesting and I found myself doing extra reading. The teachers at my institution were brilliant and I enjoyed being the only westerner in my class. I felt that I had something to live up to. I studied the first four modules and was over the moon when I got my results ABBB.

The second semester was the same and the results just as good. I got As and Bs in every subject. My hard work had eventually paid off and I was getting the grades that I deserved!

On completion of the diploma I changed all my career aspirations. I was determined to go to university and study business. I applied and was accepted into year two of a business studies degree in the UK.

When I joined the course I found studying on the degree a breeze. We had already covered a lot of the content in the diploma and I found that my grades were all at the top of the class. I finished my degree with first class honours and walked straight into a graduate level job.

Since then my career has rocketed and I am now a successful manager working for a UK university recruiting international students.

I strongly believe that the ABE Diploma was critical in my success. This course prepared me for university and gave me a strong grounding in business theory. Studying with ABE changed my life as I am now in a totally different career to the one that I had planned.

I would without a doubt recommend any student to undertake this course. In fact when I am recruiting students, I look out for students who have studied with ABE. I know the quality and the intensity of any of the ABE courses and would definitely offer them a place.

Shelana Richardson – Trinidad and Tobago

I heard about ABE from friends and also read about it in newspapers. I chose to study through them because ABE is globally recognised and has very high standards. It is an ideal qualification to have in today's dynamic environment.

Through the course I have learnt more about interacting with computers and the internet. It may be a cliché, but the courses take hard work and determination but it pays off in the end – I am now going to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computing Information Systems in the hopes of building a successful career in Network Administration or Database Management.

Christopher Salaniponi - Malawi

As a result of studying with ABE, I have already fulfilled some of my aspirations. For instance, I have obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Business Administration and an MSc degree in International Business Management. In addition to that, these awards have helped me to secure a top and very challenging job in the civil service. These things are the fruits from ABE qualifications which were the stepping stone to where I am.

I will always recommend ABE qualifications because the world is changing at the speed of light and the ABE syllabus is always responsive to the dynamic changes in the business environment. Its wide collection of various disciplines is customised to the needs of organisations in the 21st Century.

Anich Foli Azanlekor - Ghana

I chose to study my Advanced Diploma* in Business Management with ABE as the subject range the course provided was one of the most extensive and detailed I had seen around.

I have been working as a Cost Accountant for Novotel and I have found that the Managerial Accounting studied under ABE has taught me lots of things, from ratio analysis to variances, budgeting and many more theories that have enabled me perform exceptionally well in my position. Most importantly, my understanding of motivational theories, organisational structures and communication theory and processes have gone a long way in helping me understand general business and working environments within organisations, which in turn has helped me settle in my present position.

I am now pursuing a professional diploma in web technology and doing my top-up degree in management. I also hope to complete the ABE Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management within the next 2 years.

I would and have been recommending ABE to everyone I know. Simply put, ABE gave me the confidence that I could do any programme in the world.

Dhananjaya Dayananda - Sri Lanka

What is my future ambition? Should I continue with my tertiary education, get employed, or both?
These are some of the common questions that run through the minds of a young individual in search of new dimensions. I was subjected to such a dilemma when I just started my Banking career soon after school education.

That was when my father advised me on the ABE qualification, which I started towards the end of 1997. Despite my other commitments I completed the Advanced Diploma and presently I am a Fellow Member.

The ABE qualification helped me to enroll for my MBA in Banking Management from the Sikkim Manipal University of India, which was successfully completed. In June 2007 I got promoted as a Manager of the Bank & currently I am attached to internal Audit Department. The knowledge gained from ABE helped me to understand the internal processes & the business environment of the financial industry, giving me a competitive edge.

Currently I am studying for ACCA final stage. Having obtained exemptions based on the subjects that I have done for ABE was an added advantage.

The decision I took to do ABE have brought me many achievements in my career. I recommend ABE as a very effective professional qualification for young students who aspire to greater heights in the corporate world.

Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy, Avery Dennison (RIS) Division - Sri Lanka

I am an Executive within Customer Services at Avery Dennison and my role entails handling the retailers within the large garment sector in Sri Lanka. My job role includes apparel mechanizing, a high pressured working environment and need to input long hours of work daily. I receive purchase orders from customers, which are sent to production. I need to co-ordinate with our planners to meet the delivery dates requested by the customers and in addition, I handle all the queries from customers, including customer complaints. I heard about ABE qualifications from my friend and later saw an advertisement in the newspaper. I chose to study with ABE because the course can be completed in one and a half years, it's very cost effective and recognized by many universities for higher education and organisations for employment.

The qualifications have a wide array of subjects covering all areas of business and since studying, I have acquired a vast knowledge of business. This has given me the confidence to face business professionals from various backgrounds.

My ABE qualification opened the door to me studying an MBA at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI). I have recommended ABE qualifications to school leavers and working professionals if they are seeking a recognized UK qualification at an affordable cost.

ABE has given me an edge in interviews as in Sri Lanka a UK qualification is highly recognised by employers. I am now looking forward to achieving my career ambition to be a manager.

Marion Kimani - National Bank of Kenya - Kenya

I am currently working for National Bank of Kenya and the business I learnt combined with the IT I trained in has given me an edge in the field. I have put my learning to good use especially the units I did in corporate finance and internet systems design. I never imagined I would receive the top paper prize and I am grateful that my hard work and efforts have been rewarded. ABE has opened up new doors for me.

Joining the course has enriched my life and I thank ABE for being a stepping stone to a fruitful career. I am grateful for the prize I received and would encourage anyone considering joining the course to do so because it has been truly worthwhile.

Onome Okwah - Chevy Chase Bank - USA

Having progressed from my previous role as Account Manager for Sesema PR, Nigeria, I am now the Sales and Service Associate at Chevy Chase Bank in Washington DC after completing the ABE Advanced Diploma* in Business Management through self-study.

I chose to study the Advanced Diploma in Business Management because ABE offers me the all-round knowledge needed to excel as a world class business manager.

My business idea transcends Nigeria (Africa), and I want to be a world class business manager. ABE has taught me to work hard because it requires a special interest to pass eight courses with one month of self-study. It has equipped me with all-round business management ability and specific knowledge of business communication, marketing, accounting and business law.

ABE is an all-round managerial training organisation. I'm honoured and privileged to be part of this wonderful institution! I would continue to recommend ABE to anybody who desires an enviable career as a world class business manager.

*Advanced Diplomas under the NQF syllabus are equivalent to a Level 6 Extended Diploma under the QCF syllabus