Study manuals

ABE publishes Study Manuals for all common units, i.e. for subjects that appear in Business Management qualifications at Level 4,5 and 6 as well as in at least one other qualification. For all other units which we do not publish, please refer to the reading lists available under tuition resources in the Members Area.

Please note - these manuals accompany the QCF syllabuses which began in December 2011.

ABE also publishes a combined PDF-only Study Manual for the three Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship units at Level 4.

Study manuals can be obtained in three formats:

PDF Format

The PDF format is a downloadable file containing all pages of a particular study manual. Study Manuals in this format are available to download from the Members Area of the ABE website.


The CD-ROM format is a disc (or discs) containing the PDF files relevant to a particular Business Management qualification. After completing your order online, you will be emailed a confirmation and your CD-ROM(s) will be posted to you.

CD-ROMs for the ABE Level 4 Diploma in Business Management are purchasable at their 2013 price of £25 while stocks last. Manuals for levels 5 and 6 are now only available in PDF or printed format.

Printed Books

The Printed Book format is a high quality book of between 150 and 450 pages (depending on the unit). After completing your order online, you will be emailed a confirmation and your book(s) will be posted to you. You will receive a 25% discount if you order all the books from a particular level in one transaction.

You can purchase PDF, CD-ROM or printed study manuals either by logging onto our Members Area and making an online payment, or by downloading and returning the order form below:

ABE HRM Study Manuals

ABE has developed six Human Resource Management Study Manuals in partnership with BPP Learning Media. These manuals are designed to support students studying the ABE Human Resource Management programme as well as colleges that are teaching the course.

ABE and BPP are working together to produce these books which have all been written by Human Resource Management specialists and cover all the learning outcomes within the respective syllabuses. The titles, which are essential tools for all students taking the programme, are as follows:

To purchase these books, click here to visit the BPP website and select the books you need.